First Appointment – Meeting Dr. B

So, yesterday we had our first appointment at the fertility clinic! Going in, I was completely terrified. My wonderful husband (let’s call him D) took a half day from work and met me there.

First, we checked in and handed over the mountain of paperwork, had IDs and insurance cards scanned, the usual. Then I had my vitals taken. Because of my nerves, I told the MA that my blood pressure would likely be high. It was 134/84. Not super high, but considering the environment, it was not surprising. Then back to the waiting room, where D squeezed my hand and told me everything was going to be okay.

This fertility clinic is world-known, and has many different facilities, which can leave you worried that you’ll be “just a number”. But at this practice, each couple is placed with one doctor and one nurse, and those two people are your liaisons through the entire process. I am happy about that, because I have heard horror stories about people going through fertility treatments, and not knowing who to go to with questions, and meeting someone brand new on procedure day, etc.

So our doctor, Dr. B, came out and took us back to her office for the consult. It was a clean, well-lit office. On the corner of the desk, there was a bamboo essential oil diffuser just whirring away. It was calm. Dr. B was the one who presented at the fertility seminar we attended last month, and I was hoping that she would not be our doctor – she just felt kind of harsh and sterile to me. But after talking to her I really like her. She was honest about what she thought we needed, without sugar-coating it. She was gentle and kind, but also serious. We talked for a long while about my medical history, my cycles, etc. She believes that I may have PCOS (poly-cycstic ovarian syndrome). I had somewhat self-diagnosed myself with PCOS, just judging off of my symptoms and comparing them to people who do have it. D was very involved, and asked a lot of questions, which I loved. Very basically, PCOS is a hormone imbalance that makes it so you do not ovulate at all, or ovulate very sporadically. It also has the lovely side effect of weight gain – and a wonky metabolism that does not easily allow weight loss. Makes sense, because since I met my husband, I have gained about 50 pounds, which I have not been able to lose no matter what diet or exercise regime I am on – which is also around the same time that my cycles became irregular. So Dr. B laid out our options:

  1. Target the weight / metabolism, and see if that alone will reset my body into ovulating
    • using two medications – Metformin and Myoinositol
    • takes approximately six months to see full effects
    • has a 50/50 success / failure rate
  2. Target the weight / metabolism, and target the hormone imbalace to force my body to ovulate
    • using four medications – Metformin, Myoinositol, Clomid and Femarin
    • starts regulating almost immediately

So, with those options laid out, we both kind of wondered why anyone would chose option #1. It will take six months, only has a 50% chance of working, and then we are back at square one?? No thank you! So we decided to “hit the ground running” and go all in. This is all pending bloodwork and ultrasound to see how my organs are doing their job, of course. If the medication cycles do not work, we will move onto IUI, then IVF as necessary. Of course, we are hoping that the medications alone work, but we will have to see!

Next, we would meet with our nurse.